Advantages of Planned Communities

Living in a planned community or estate is an extremely popular lifestyle for many Australians and has many advantages to offer its residents.

For instance…

Planned communities offer amenities older, more traditional neighborhoods don’t. Some of these include sports and athletic clubs, private parks and picnic areas and neighborhood security watch programs.

Design guidelines. These guidelines create a uniformity within the estate without making the area look as if the houses are ‘cookie-cutter’ houses (are duplicates of each other). The guidelines also hold residents accountable for their home-maintenance and upkeep habits. When there are expectations and guidelines, property values hold and resale values are high and average days on the market are reduced.

Safety. Most estates enjoy a lower crime rate or trouble from hoons. This is due in part to
a) the sense of community (people watch out for one another) and
b) the security/watch programs that are often visibly in place.

Quality home construction. Builders must comply with the particular standards regarding materials used, finishes and design of the estate guidelines in addition to normal building codes. They are held to task, which benefits you, the homeowner.

A choice of lifestyles. Estates are developed to cater to particular lifestyles and the needs/desires of people groups. Examples: professionals, retirees, young families and extremely affluent.

The Melbourne area offers a number of options when it comes to estate living, one we have noticed is Caroline Springs. Most planned communities/estates or display home villages offer either land allotment sales for new homes or house and land packages for first home buyers.

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