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Display Homes Melbourne

Click on a display village location (on a red dot/flag on the map) to find display homes that are located within the display village and additional information on the development where available.


The Melbourne Builders Guide certainly acts as a virtual display home village for builders in Melbourne. However once you've identified homes that you're interested in you may want to get out and see the real thing - inspect the workmanship of your selected builder and also get a feel for the proportions of the home. Most display homes are also beautifully presented so visiting display home villages in Melbourne can also assist you to develop ideas about various building materials and design styles that you'd like to use in your new home. 

 In Melbourne there are several areas, both in new land estates and pockets of more established areas that have Display Home Villages. In a display home village you may have the opportunity to view several homes from different builders in one location. 

 To help you locate these regions, Melbourne Builders Guide has developed a map location of where you may find some display home villages. If a display home in this area of Melbourne is also listed on our website you will find a link to the home from the information about the Display Village.



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